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Help when you need it

You may have a diagnosis of hyper or hypo thyroidism?

You may have symptoms that negatively affect your health

Setting up an emotional, physical, and mineral balancing program can be advantageous for you.

To give you your energy and health back.

As you know having your energy back will allow you to do the things you are passionate about.

When you think thyroid disease think calcium regulation, just as when you think kidney disease you think sodium and potassium regulation.

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 What is the thyroid and what does it do?

THE THYROID IS YOUR BODIES THERMOSTAT.The thyroid controls body metabolism break down food, create energy adjust body temperature.


They work together with the adrenals that adjust our stress reactions, and are the major anti inflammatory system.

How does it work?

thyroid action


The pituitary gland is  behind your eyes in the brain and senses how the thyroid is doing and adjusts by sending tsh (thyroid stimulating hormone) to stimulate the thyroid if its needed. It is a brain hormone. This is a closed loop. The thyroid produces t4  which gets converted to t3 the active thyroid hormone in a couple of places in then  body. T3 is 400 % more active than t4.

The thyroid  senses t3  and t4  production in the blood, if there is not enough it sends a signal to the hypothalamus which sends  TRH to the pituitary, which sends TSH to thyroid to make more t4 and t3. Measuring this number just tells you if you need more t3 or t4  produced  not if you are really getting it. TSH will keep rising just as a parent may keep raising there voice if their child does not listen. Raising ones voice does not make then child listen. Raising tsh does not produce more t3.

TSH is the number your doctor measures. If it is greater than 2.5 other tests should be done. Your doctor would have a higher threshold  number than 2.5 before he would look into it any further. For you to have a high number may take 5 to 10 years. It is a late stage indicator.

T3 and T4 are tyrosine based hormones. T3 and T4 are partly composed of iodine.   The amino acid Tyrosine combines with Iodine to make t3. Iodine fits into receptor sites on the thyroid like a key in a lock. There are some other keys that fit the lock and when they are there the iodine keys will not be able to go in the lock, or bond to the site. These other keys represent toxic substances such as fluorine, chlorine, bromine. A deficiency of iodine results in goiter.

tsh_feedback liver

80 % of t4 to t3 conversion takes place in the liver. The liver needs the bile for this conversion. Bile can be affected by having the gall bladder removed. Bile strips off one iodine molecule to take t4 to t3 the active form.



Also the stomach acid needs to have a low enough ph for the bile to be released.


Stress can release cortisol that shuts down the bile ducts, that stop t4 to t3 conversion. Also you may find this results in more reverse t3 being formed


The next phase involes selenium, t4 to  t3 cant be completed with out it. Other vitamins and nutrients are helpful in these conversions.


The thyroid function needs to be looked into when  TSH number rise above 2.5. The adrenals have to be looked after BEFORE the thyroid. If the thyroid is stimulated while the adrenals are low or burnt out this will cause more stress to the adrenals. And further burn them out or make it  harder to recover .




Your body, to slow the metabolic rate down, puts blanks in receptor sites. Blanks are non-active t3 that fit into receptor sites but do not function. It is the bodies way of saying your stressed slow down. Your  thyroid may be inflamed.

This is when people say to themselves, more coffee, more willpower, Red Bull!  When more relaxation is needed. Lifestyle changes are necessary, diet, exercise supplements, NLP therapy, (waking hypnosis I do with clients over the phone.)

Selenium helps with reverse t3 it is a precursor to glutathione, also NAC is a precursor. An RDW over 13 in a blood test can indicate low selenium.

Also stressed out Adrenals elevate cortisol resulting in more reverse t3.

When reverse t3 is over 10 it indicates heavy metal toxicity. Which is confirmed by a hair mineral analysis test.

b cells thyroid


 Auto immune issues


If tsh is high there is a 80 % chance there is an auto immune issue. The body attacking itself.

That gets us to t4.  As we said t4 is mostly made in the body. In the gut in particular. The pituitary is very sensitive to t3 and  t4 in the blood. TSH is a late stage indicator so once support is given the pituitary overreacts to t3 and  t4  numbers raising and lowering TSH output. The receptor sites in the pituitary are more sensitive to thyroid hormone  numbers than other parts of the body,  and the other markers may be within range.



1 Hair mineral tissue analysis tells one the health of the thyroid and the adrenals and the bodies mineral balance in the cells, outside of the blood.

Thyroid ratios using a hair analysis test ca/k ratio 4.2:1

F.O. fast oxidizer(ca<p) (ca/mg ratio <na/k ratio) if ratio drops below = hyperthyroid issues

S.O. slow oxidizer(ca>p) (ca/mg ratio >na/k ratio) if ratio falls bellow = hypothyroid issues

stress adrenal and thyroid


2 Thyroid panel

Thyroid panel list of tests needed to determine how the thyroid is functioning are:

TSH, Free t3, Free t4, Reverse t3 , TPOAb anti body test, and   TgAb2 anti body test. Thyrobinding thyroperoxidace compounds  help build thyroid hormone .

When we make antibodies they attack them . We get b cells that are part of the immune system and they infiltrate the thyroid and create fibrotic scare tissue. Having fibrotic scar tissue, means that tissue is no longer functional.  If tpo has been in the 1000’s for decades it may be hard to recover.

If eating gluton or have infections or low nutrients or leaky gut is present, they need that fixed, or they will need thyroid hormone forever.

Stabilize blood sugar by  eating every 4 to 5 hours. Making sure we are not having our adrenals come to the rescue if low blood sugar results. Having adrenals come to the rescue with cortisol to bring blood sugar back up results in a rush of adrenalin or cortisol.


Non Inflammatory Diet

Use the auto immune palio diet if have auto immune issues. Remove  gluten including rice and corn. Remove dairy, even gee, nuts, seeds, night shades, egg plants peppers even eggs. Use this diet for the  1st month. Meat and non starchy vegetables and maybe berries,and  good healthy fats. Its anti inflammatory, low in toxins, and nutrient dense.

Carbs/day 50 to 100 g.  Protein 3 to 6 oz depending on stress and  activity level.

The amino acid sequence in the grains is similar to the amino acid sequence in the thyroid tissue. Molecular mimicry results. The anti bodies attack the gluten. Protein in dairy and pancreas very similar to the thyroid and  would get attacked the the anti bodies.




ALDOSTRONE – RELATED TO THE MINERAL SODIUM -sodium saver & water saver  in the kidney







adrenal thyroid connection

 Adrenal thyroid connection

High or low cortisol can create more reverse t3. High cortisol can cause TSH disregulation. Our body  may start increasing TSH or decreasing it. Pituitary no longer feels it understands signal.

Cortisol is needed for thyroid hormone conversion. So cant convert t4 to t3 properly.

1. Cortisol decreases TSH, lowering thyroid hormone production.
2. Cortisol inhibits the conversion of T4 to active T3, and increases the conversion of T4 to reverse T3.

cortisol rythum

 Need healthy levels of cortisol for:


building our gut lining.

cortisol is needed  to regulate inflammation. We don’t need more cortisol but to regulate reasons  for inflammation.

adrenals for sex dhea sulfates

minerals lifestyle

chronic stress never get a chance to heal

anti inflamitory diet

regulate blood sugar

regulate sleep

atf adrenals thyroid and female hormones


being put on thyroid support causes them to burn through cortisol even faster creating a more deficient cortisol state

armorthroid stimulates adrenals and makes them worse

brownstien talks about putting peple on adreanal support for 1 month before thyroid support

you don’t have to be on thyroid medication for life unless you don’t have a thyroid

depends on how long the thyroid has been destroyed  the longer the harder to get off medication

 thyroid supp

mineral wheel
mineral wheel



Adreanal Supplements

Vitamin b5 –

zinc –

vitamin c –

Book a consultation get supplement details


Then to regulate cortisol adaptogens, ashwagandha rhodiola bacopa  eleuthero.


Precursor Hormones

Next precursor hormones like dhea pregnenolone and glandulars for adreanals.


If you have elevated TSH you want to get a thyroid glandular, with some hormone in it to bring that tsh down. naturethroid west-throyid pork thyroid .

Glandulars  have minerals and nutrients in them. Give adrenal and thyroid glandular’s together.



Protomorphogens PMG’S trigger rebuilding of the gland. You can do this with glandular’s for the pituitary or really good adaptogens. Ashwaganda is good for the hypothalamus.

 Ashwganda also helps with t4 to t3 conversion. Ashwaganda is high in iron as well. It takes 1 molecule of thyroxine and 4 molecules of iodine. to make t4. This reaction spits out hydrogen peroxide h2o2. Hydrogen peroxide can be inflammatory and create b cell infiltration where the immune system starts coming in because of the inflammation. If we have enough selinum in there it pulls off an oxygen making h2o water which is inert.

The first 3 to 6 months no more iodine than rda if there is  autoimmunity. Use the selenium to cool down the inflammation then you can tweak the iodine a little more .

stress response  b5

Vitamin b5 pantothenic acid for the adrenals because they loose a lot in the urine, Dose is 500 mg a day of b5 for adrenals.

hpa axis disregulation

The hpa axis includes dopamine. Dopamine can get converted downstream to adrenaline by stress, so b6 is needed to allow 5htp or l-tyrosine to cross the blood brain barrier. And to convert into serotonin and dopamine. A person needs health dopamine levels for thyroid hormone activation. Dopamine talks to the hypothalamus makes trh  trh talks to the pitutitary and makes tsh . tsh goes to the thyroid t4 . t4 to t3.







b6 co factor

vitamin  c

Then all of the adatogenic support herbs precursers and glandular’s. Excess  potassium iodide as high levels may react and cause  hair loss.

Only 2 percent of thyroid hormones are unbound and can park in the receptor site. The other 98 per cents are bound to a protein.

t4 free

t4 total,

t3 total

reverse t3

t3 to rev free t3 ratio

tsh below

t3 uptake upper

High calcium will block the receptor cites on the cell membrane, and prevent thyroid hormone from getting into the cells to activate. Adrenal fatigue cases have high levels of calcium and  low sodium and potassium in their tissues. This puts calcium in the tissues that are inflamed.


thyroid detox



Toxins built up in your thyroid. bromine and florine and chlorine . fire retardant bromine. more hypothyroid in the floridated group.

Endocrine disruptors are a category of chemicals that alter the normal function of hormones.  Normally, our endocrine system releases hormones that signal different tissues telling them what to do. When chemicals from the outside get into our bodies, they have the ability to mimic our natural hormones; blocking or binding hormone receptors. This is particularly detrimental to hormone sensitive organs like the uterus and the breast, the immune and neurological systems, as well as human development.


xeno estrogen

Xenoestrogens are a sub-category of the endocrine disruptor group that specifically have estrogen-like effects. Estrogen is a natural hormone in humans that is important for bone growth, blood clotting and reproduction in men and women. The body regulates the amount needed through intricate biochemical pathways. When xenoestrogens enter the body they increase the total amount of estrogen resulting in a phenomenon called, estrogen dominance. Xenoestrogens are not biodegradable so, they are stored in our fat cells. Build up of xenoestrogens have been indicated in many conditions including:  breast, prostate and testicular cancer, obesity, infertility, endometriosis, early onset puberty, miscarriages and diabetes.

All xenoestrogen   estrogens trisiloxane antibiotic in soap products. estrogenic compounds in pesticides. xenoestrogen   in plastics antagonize thyroid hormone and thyroid binding globulin. Increased binding globulin causes our thyroid hormone  to be bound so it can’t go into then receptor site and do its thing. Birth control pills increases binding globulin.

Estrogen Domance –

Get a good water filter, eat organic food, avoid junk food that has bromine in it.  Have an air tight cover over your mattress. Also baby products have fire retardant very bad for the kids. Kids car seats as well have flame retardant as well.



Test to see how detox pathways are doing. Selenium is a good precursor for glutathione. If low selenium glutathione pathways are impaired.


Organic acid test looks at detox pathways correlated to sulfur amino acids and mineral’s for phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification, if low give additional sulfur amino acids.

Sulfur nac methionine torine glycine litamine cysteine all found in meat. Its very hard hard on thyroid and adrenals if vegetarian. in meats more methionine and lycine . bone broth proline hydroxyl proline. and glycine help with the gut . we need cysteine glutamine  and   glycine           to make glutathione. avoiding mineral disruptors like the phytic acid and oxalic acid and the lectons and tripsin inhibitors that affect how we break down protein. 6 lbs of grass for cow to make 1 lb of mesat containing sulphur rich protiens . glandulars like liver is even more concentrated. cursiferous vegtable cook to break down the gotrogens . block iodine. free form amino acids can help vegitarians


Beliefs that affect the thyroid

“In the context of our evolution, the thyroid gland developed with the digestive system. This is evident today by the understanding that the thyroid gland was once an exocrine gland that excreted its hormones into the intestine. The digestive system derived from the endoderm germ layer, therefore, during the conflict active phase you will have tumor growth. The related biological conflict is related to a ‘morsel’. The right side/’wing’ of the thyroid is ‘not being fast enough to “catch” a morsel’. The left side/wing of the gland is ‘not being fast enough to “get rid of” the morsel.’ Increased thyroid tissue in the conflict active phase will increase the organism’s metabolism and this is the biological purpose of the thyroid tumor. The organism will experience hyperthyroidism. Once the conflict is resolved, the additional thyroid tissue is decomposed by the tuberculosis bacteria. If the organism stays in a hanging healing phase, they will develop hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s Disease.

The thyroid ducts are derived from the ectoderm germ layer. Therefore, ulceration of the ducts will take place during the conflict active phase. The biological conflict of feeling powerless. ‘My hands are tied. There is nothing I can do about the situation’, ‘something should be urgently done and nobody is doing anything about it!’, ‘I feel helpless.’ The biological purpose of the widening of the duct is to allow more thyroxine to be delivered to the bloodstream to help the organism gain control by increasing the metabolism. Once the conflict is resolved, the organism moves into the healing phase and the ulcers are replenished. Thyroid cysts or tumors will be formed.