Do you overeat because you are stressed or anxious?

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Over eating –  your beliefs and emotions

A vicious cycle – are you stressed and eat to feel better? Everyone has a subconscious strategy to do things. Meaning, how you respond is out of your conscious awareness, you don’t notice how you are responding. You have a strategy to brush your teeth, to peel a banana, and a strategy to respond to stress.  Your strategy can be changed to a health way of eating, using NLP therapy.

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When you get stressed, you increase cortisol which raises blood sugar, which raises insulin, and insulin increases fat storage.


NLP therapy can help you disconnect the emotion, from the knowledge of the stressful event. This stress causes cortisol spikes, which raises insulin, causing inflammation.

A non inflammatory diet will help you stop fat depositing on your body.

Hair tissue mineral analysis provides the guide to  balance minerals that affect insulin spikes, which causes inflammation, and fat deposits on your body.

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