• fast oxidizer like a car spinning its wheels


All eating plans start with asking this question. What is my metabolic rate? Sick or healthy you  need to know this. This is determined by your hair mineral test.

Next you are put on a line. The fast oxidizer is on the left the slow oxidizer is on the right, and balanced or mixed oxidizer is in the middle.

Next from left to right you have the following foods, alcohol, sugar, simple carbs, complex carbs, raw vegetables, salads, vegetable juice, cooked vegetables next proteins, chicken, beef, organ meets, and finally fats on the extreme right.

From there a diet is assigned, e.g. ketogenic diet, low carb, no sugar medium protein high fats. Gaps, bone broth for major digestive issues, or cancer. We can move on to gluten free, and  dairy free which are  relative to allergies, intolerances, and yeast infections.

Next looking at the vegetables, which should make up the bulk of your meals, they are necessary for mineral and nutrient uptake. Because the soils are depleted of  minerals, we need supplements.

Next we move up the metabolic rate progression, to  the protein type designation; going from chicken, to fish, to beef, and finally to organ meets.

And finally we arrive at fats, a source of energy, other than sugar. In this case its the amount of fat you eat to provide the energy you need. The faster the oxidization rate the more fat you need to eat.

To start with; a person switches over to coconut oil for cooking, and, MCT(medium chain triglyceride), for salad dressing. MCT can be used in many other ways on your food.

Next what body type do you have?

Check out the link, this may tell you where extra work is needed?


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