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Heart Health

My story

I myself had a heart attack. I had a stent put in and was put on statin medication. I could hardly get off the kitchen chair. It looked like I would never work again. When I asked the doctor why I was on these drugs, he said,” Because everyone gets put on them.” My question was, “Why am I on them.” Finally the answer came back,” I don’t know why you are on them.” I quite the drugs, changed my diet, and eventually trained at the gym squatting 500lbs. I am only 5-4 inches tall.  I do recommend you work with your doctor. And working with diet, supplements, and stress relief we will work toward a new and better you.

The circulatory system

The heart is part of the circulatory system. There is also the blood vessels, and arteries.

When  looking at the problems that can go wrong, we consider the heart as a pump. The pump can get weak. There is a protocol for making the heart run more efficiently, and the cells to function better.

And the blood vessels. The blood vessels can get clogged, become ridged, the walls weaken. These things can be rectified.

We can work together using NLP , change work, for emotional stress that many even most times is the cause of a heart attack.

Hair tissue mineral analysis to determine mineral strength, looking at amounts and ratios. Remember  the definition of a heart attach is low magnesium and a stress event. Find out how your magnesium ratio stacks up.

Diet to minimize the negative effects on the arteries. Supplements as well. We will determine  the information  you need, for your heart health.  Click on appointment to schedule an appointment to talk about your diet, and mineral evaluation, and get access to the members area for supplement information.

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