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                         Hair tissue mineral analysis

 What you need to know

Deal with affects of stress

Adrenal health

Thyroid health 

  Renewed and Improved Health

  Improved Digestion
Better Quality of Life
 Improved Relaxation
Healthy Weight Loss

  Correct Weakened Detoxification Patterns

  Heavy Metal Removal

  Learn improved lifestyle

  Restore Balance to your life

  Re-mineralize your body

  Reverse Aging

  Stronger Immune System

  Enriched Relationships

  Enhanced Athletic Performance

  Improved Concentration and Academic Achievement

A hair tissue mineral sample is used to test to find  the amount, and ratio of the minerals in your body. Hair tissue mineral analysis also determines  metals, and if they are present in toxic amounts. Also looking at the mineral wheel one can see the antagonists.



Providing a mineral blueprint of one’s biochemistry, a hair tissue mineral analysis can provide pertinent information about one’s metabolic rate, energy levels, sugar and carbohydrate tolerance, stage of stress, immune system and glandular activity.

A hair tissue mineral analysis  is a screening test for the level of 20 minerals and toxic metals in a sample of hair. It is a tissue mineral biopsy that is non-invasive, relatively inexpensive and extremely accurate.

A hair mineral balance analysis looks at thyroid health, adrenal health  also monitoring trace minerals and toxic metal in humans and animals. The same technology is used for soil testing and testing of rock samples to detect mineral levels.

Hair, like all other body tissues, contains minerals that are deposited as the hair grows. Although the hair is dead, the minerals remain as the hair continues to grow out. A sample of hair cut close to the scalp provides information about the mineral activity in the hair that took place over the past three to four months, depending on the rate of hair growth.


Ca/P = 2.6 metabolic type
Na/K = 2.4/1 stress ratio
Ca/K = 4.2/1 thyroid ratio
Na/Mg = 4/1 adrenal ratio
Zn/Cu = 8/1 hormone ratio
Ca/Mg 7/1 blood sugar ratio addiction ratio
Fe/Cu =.9 infection ratio

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The cost is $150.00. usd . The test are sent to TEI Labs in Texas.

Tools – Hair tissue mineral analysis, metabolic typing diet, N.L.P. Therapy

Use, hair tissue mineral analysis ,htma ,to determine metabolic type, fast oxidizer or slow oxidizer.
A questionnaire to determine emotion stress, and diet considerations. N.L.P. therapy to change your strategy to a more useful one.
One can take digestive enzymes if poor absorption is expected and bile salts if the gall bladder has been removed. Lipase is an enzyme for fat absorption.