Craving- do you crave food because of a mineral imbalance or deficiency?



One only has to look at a pregnant woman to see food craving in action, as the baby is absorbing all the minerals it needs and taking them from the mother. Food craving is the result of eating empty calories. Snacking on processed foods with no mineral content, results in malnutrition. There are no nutrient dense processed foods. The more you eat, the more you crave resulting in the  need to eat looking for the nutrients that aren’t there. The soil food is grown in are deficient of nutrients, and even healthy  food eaters need supplementation, to get a minerally rich diet.

Also, if one eats foods that contain MSG (monosodium glutamate)  the pleasure  sensors in the brain are activated. This  gives one pleasure eating nutrient devoid food full of  preservatives.

Minerals – One needs mineral testing to determine the amounts and ratios of minerals that are individually their own. That is why hair mineral testing is used, to determine your bodies mineral content.

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