Cartilage and meniscus are alive.
Inside your joint is a super filtrated blood, known as synovial fluid.
By swinging a joint you create a negative pressure and those joints separate. That negative pressure allows the super filtrated blood to flow into the joint.
The health of the joint is dependent upon the health of the blood going into the joint.
This is why diabetics and people with toxic food substances in their bodies have terrible joints. If that blood is THICK it can’t filter and their cartilage doesn’t get healthy.
Formula for a healthy joint. Healthy movement, plus healthy blood containing all the nutrients the joints need, plus healthy nerve supply equals joints that can regenerate.
Things to do.

1 I work with you to design non inflammatory diet and supplement list for rebuilding bones joints and cartilage.

2 We determine what foods or toxins need to be eliminated from there environment
Systemic inflammation – is a response to toxins that will kill you. It is the main source of disease. It affects the whole body destroys blood vessels. Use non-inflammatory diet and supplements. Proteolytic enzymes modulate inflammatory processes by reducing swelling of mucous membranes decreasing capillary permeability and dissolving blood clot forming fibrin deposits and microthrombi. They can be as effective as steroidal and non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs.
Local inflammation – in a joint is part of the healing process.
The nutritional changes that you make must clean the blood eliminate systematic inflammation control local inflammation and maximize nutrients to regenerate joints.
Osteoarthrosis – degenerating discs of degenerating joints. It is a joint out of place of a joint without proper nutrition.
Rheumatoid arthritis – the body attacks itself or its joints- auto immune.
Molecular mimicry can play a role. A definition is that sequence similarities between foreign and self-peptides are sufficient to result in the cross activation of T and B cells by pathogen-derived peptides. This can happen from too many vaccinations.

The nerves system regenerates, then the discs regenerate then the bones regenerate and then the disease can be reversed.
Steroids tend to depress the immune system. Exercise is needed to stimulate the nervous system and supply blood and nutrients to the joints.
If a person is told to take antibiotics they wipe out the gut flora and that needs to be rebuilt.  Also, a gluten (a large protein molecule) free diet is needed.  These molecules pierce the gut and go to the brain.
Fix the body by finding the problem with the immune system. Which may have started with a trauma which affected the immune system.
Fix the gut by finding and eliminating the toxins, gluten, vaccinations, or deficiencies, nutrients.
For nutrients, you need a hair analysis. Minimal supplements.

NSAID’S Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain medication cause harm to the joints and should be replaced with photolytic enzymes. They harm the joints by:
decreasing cartilage production – therefore collagen supplements are needed.
inhibiting – proteoglycan production
cause – accelerated bone destruction- there fore calcium and its co factors are needed d3 k2 are needed
also, a collagen supplement is needed, and accelerate bone destruction, therefore the other half of the bones calcium is needed with all its cofactors.
Macrophage – called big eaters
When a joint has been damaged, it needs to have the scar tissue broken down and the blood proteins removed.
Chondrocytes – are cells that regenerate cartilage – a main ingredient is cartilage is proteoglycans and a major part of that is collagen.
Movement and heat may be needed to increase the flow of blood to the joint.
Osteoblasts and osteoclasts
This is the process of laying new bone and tearing up old bone.
Besides this happening the flow of calcium to the bone is controlled by the thyroid and the Para thyroid. Which sends calcium from the blood to the bones, and from the bones to the blood to keep calcium in the blood at a stable amount. The blood ph. if acidic will call for calcium to be removed from the bones to raise the ph.
The bones are replaced every 10 months. And your blood vessels lining every 6 months. This information is important as these times are pertinent to deal with systemic inflammation concerns that affect blood vessels which in turn affect local blood flow to joints. Also, bones are part of the joint along with cartilage and synovial fluid.
To stimulate osteoblasts, you need exercise.
Your stomach digests protein, it must have the right ph. to do this. A very low ph. As you get older your stomach acid ph. rises and you can’t absorb b12 or protein properly. Also, people on salt restricted diets have this problem. It can be remedied with supplements and looking at why salt Is restricted and adjusting. High ph. sets you up for poor digestion which leads to colon and intestine problems that can latter lead to leaky gut, and inflammation which promotes arthritis.
Having your gall bladder out affects absorption and fat soluble vitamin absorption. This results in poor thyroid function which affects calcium movement.
High blood pressure can be a sign of poor calcium absorption which affects bones and joints.

Increased sugar, bread, carbohydrates which turn to sugar increase systemic inflammation and can affect the joints.
Eating lots of vegetables gives you the nutrients you need to help your joints. It is important to soak and wash vegetables to get pesticides off or buy organic vegetables. Eating raw vegetables for snacks is good. Eating salads with leafy green vegetable provides many nutrients.

Also, juicing vegetables is another way to eat them. It is the best way to have them as you can get more nutrients because you are not taking in the fiber, especially if you have digestive issues. Because the soil that vegetables are grown in does not have the minerals it used to so you do need to supplement.