Go from sickness to health


Hi everyone. We are all people born on this earth, just making it through the day.

It can be a good day, sunshinelaid  back. Just moving on through the day.

And then out of the blue something happens! It can be stressful, something or someone has taken the sunshine out of your day.

black hole

Its at this time that our emotion can be connected to that event. At first You feel the anger swell up, “I am NOT GOING TO TAKE IT!  IT’S JUST NOT GOING DOWN THIS WAY!

Some things are out of your control. “I feel  like the air has just come out of your balloon, psssst. And now  I am feeling flat, let down, nothing left. “After a time, could be many weeks, it feels like a  heavy weight is just getting heavier.

I am on the go, in a rush, eating a poor diet, and mineral deficient,  setting yourself up for sickness, and health issues when trouble arrives.  Feeling unable to deal with life’s situations, as they go on day after day they take you down.

As you look at this post, feeling the way you do, realize;

Working together we can set a new course.

Make a plan

Relieve your stresses

Change your diet to supply the minerals you, need to think straight

light shiningAnd come out the other side. A New Health You.

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