Top uses for NLP psychological therapy, diet, and hair tissue mineral analysis, for diseases caused by emotional stress

Top uses for NLP psychological therapy, diet, and hair tissue mineral analysis, for diseases caused by emotional stress

Today I am sharing my top uses for NLP psychological therapy treatments



NLP psychological therapy, After an emotional shock, or trauma an unexpected   emotional event a person needs therapy to separate the emotion, from the remembered event, to allow for healing, NLP psychological therapy sessions do this very well. We go into fight or flight mode, upon being stress and chemicals are dumped into our body that have to work their way through, out system.

The cause of the stress of course has to have been removed. Even having the cause removed, environmental stimuli around, at the time may act to stimulate reoccurrence of the symptoms. NLP therapy sessions remove these  very well.

You get more of what you focus on. If you focus on emotionally traumatic events you find them. NLP is very good with that. If you focus and refocus on thoughts that lead you toward a similar occurrence then you can change what you focus on.

Hair mineral tissue balancing is needed next, to determine minerals needed to balance minerals lost through the stress phase.

Hair tissue mineral balance will show metal toxicity as well, and a program to adjust lifestyle and minerals is necessary.

Also minerals like emotions have thresholds. If the absolute amount of a minerals drop to low this results in,” giving up”, which must be guarded against at all costs.


1 heart attack, belief  territorial anxiety

2 heart Attach, having a broken heart

3 strokes belief is stuck, trapped, unable to find a way out

4 seizures are similar to strokes , feeling trapped no way out of the circumstance

3 thyroid, 1st hyperthyroidism, cell growth, then hypothyroid

belief,not having been fast enough

4 ovaries cysts, stress with father/mother

5 breast, separation anxiety

6 cavities – not being able to bite back, e.g. child and teacher, adult no one is listening to you

7 sinusitis – something didn’t smell right, you where fed up with something  is intense emotion,

8 liver- anger over estate or inheritance issues

9 addictions I am all alone in the dessert

10 blood sugar issues I need to stand my ground

11 diabetes type 1, and hyperglycemia – there is some person I have to fight against

12 hypoglycemia-some persons or situation you must run away from

13 skin disorders- separation anxiety being torn from my skin

If you want to know how you may be affected and how you can make this work for you

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