Essential oil,Lavender essential oil, Is it indispensable?

Essential oil,what can they  be used for? When you are looking for more relaxation as you relax with your magnesium bath salts, E.O. essential oils are it.

Lavender essential oils and stress.

Essential oils used in combination with a magnesium bath, will calm and relax the muscles, and as we know to change physiology is to change the

beliefs, which will lower stress.

Tools – Hair tissue mineral analysis, metabolic typing diet, N.L.P. Therapy

Use, hair tissue mineral analysis ,htma ,to determine metabolic type, fast oxidizer or slow oxidizer.
A questionnaire to determine emotion stress, and diet considerations. N.L.P. therapyto change your strategy to a more useful one.
One can take digestive enzymes if poor absorption is expected and bile salts if the gall bladder has been removed. Lipase is an enzyme for fat absorption.
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