Is there good poop and bad poop? Mineral Balancing Needed? Poop sink or float?

Mineral Balancing find out your starting point

Hair tissue mineral balancing. Poop,what you eliminate tells a lot about your health and digestive system. Poop, have in look in the toilet, after a bowel movement. This is especially important if you have had your gall bladder removed.

Types of poop.

1 color of poop, red, brown (preferred) green are the main colors. Brown is what you are looking for, that’s good.
2 Sinking or floating poop. If the stool floats, or is green you may not be absorbing fats.
3 Texture of poop – hard constipated, well formed, (that’s what you are looking for), or diarrhea.
4. Smell of poop – if it has a foul smell, consider taking a pre and probiotic.
Poor, stool may be the result of a poor digestive system. I like to look at a persons, diet, emotional health, example are they stress out. And ask questions like, have they had their gall bladder removed?

Tools – Hair tissue mineral analysis, metabolic typing diet, N.L.P. Therapy

Use, hair tissue mineral analysis ,htma ,to determine metabolic type, fast oxidizer or slow oxidizer.
A questionnaire to determine emotion stress, and diet considerations. N.L.P. therapyto change your strategy to a more useful one.
One can take digestive enzymes if poor absorption is expected and bile salts if the gall bladder has been removed. Lipase is an enzyme for fat absorption.
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