Adrenals: What normal looks like



You have a normal sleep cycle and it can be affected by adrenals.

adreanal sleep cycle


The graph above shows your cortisol levels on a normal cycle.  When you sleep you replenish your cortisol, and then throughout the day, it drops.

Cortisol’s job is to turn on the energy switch in the morning. It wakes you up so you’re ready to go and face the day.

What are the symptoms of low cortisol?

     — Low energy. If you wake up tired and foggy, immediately reaching for a coffee, your cortisol is  lower than it should be.

     — Gas.  This is caused by undigested fats or proteins in the digestive system.

     — High metal levels in the body.   Low cortisol makes it difficult to eliminate toxic metals, especially copper.

It is best to get a hair mineral analysis to test for metals in general and copper in particular.  Your diet is also very important to recovery.  A paleo diet is useful.

What to look for and order to look at them:


1. Did you go to bed between 10 and 11 o’clock?

2. Did you sleep through the night?

     — If not when did you wake up?  Keeping a record of this will tell you when cortisol kicks in.

3. Did you wake up with good energy?  If not, cortisol production is low.


1. Do you have belching?

     – If you do, determine if its protein or fat that’s undigested.  Low cortisol may indicate that your stomach acid PH is low.  If so, you need HCL hydrochloric acid to raise the PH, and pepsin, an enzyme to help digest protein.

2 Does your poop float or sink?  Is it brown or green?

     -If it floats or is green it’s a fat digestion problem.  If it sinks and is brown it’s a protein digestion problem.


Low stomach acid symptoms are bloating and belching. The standard idea of why this happens is that your stomach acid has too low of a PH.  If you don’t make strong enough stomach acid you can supplement with HCL betaine hydrochloride. You simply take it just before a meal.  To determine how much to take, increase the number of supplement capsules you take until you feel a warmth in your stomach, then you can back off one capsule.

Alternatively, you may have low bile acid, not low stomach acid. A new study has shown that another normal function of cortisol is to help prepare your body to digest food. When you get hungry, your body starts to make cortisol. This cortisol communicates to your liver, telling your liver to fill up your gall bladder with bile so that you can digest the fats that will be in the upcoming meal. When you eat, the bile is released into your small intestine to perform vital roles in digestion. When the bile reaches the end of your small intestine, the bile salts are extracted out of the bile and sent via a special blood supply back to your liver to be used again. This is called bile acid recycling and is normal. Cholesterol, which is also in the bile, is recycled as well.  This new study proves for the first time how cortisol controls the recycling of bile acids.

Stress causes excess bile.  If you get too stressed out, you will be making excess bile and sending it to your gall bladder, a system that can get overloaded. An overloaded gall bladder will cause excess bile to dump into your small intestine and start refluxing back towards your stomach. The result will be heat or burning across your lower rib-cage as bile moves backwards through your small intestine and into your stomach.


Add in Melatonin

adreanal and melatonin

When you are asleep your insulin will be down low.  A low insulin level causes you burn fat at night.  Insulin is the fat burning on/off switch.  When insulin spikes, fat burning stops for hours.



Low stomach acid symptoms are bloating and belching



Heavy metal Toxicity

Female hair sample
Female hair sample


Copper is first stored in the liver.   When the liver gets saturated, the copper gets stored in the brain. You need to pull out the copper or you will not get total recovery with the adrenals.  Zinc, which only comes from animal food, is necessary for copper removal. As your adrenals get better, they produce the spikey cortisol patter.  Higher cortisol will also allow for the expulsion of copper with the right mineral balance being used. The only way to tell if you have metal toxicity is by getting a hair tissue mineral analysis test.



A Paleo diet will be useful.